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1.       the highest point in the development of something; culmination or climax.

2.       the elevation of someone to divine status; deification.

late 16th century: via ecclesiastical Latin from Greek apotheōsis, from apotheoun ‘make a god of,’ from apo ‘from’ + theos ‘god.’


Save us from Gods and those who have to deal with them.
We always have choices, but those choices have consequences.  

And I love a TV show which sends me to the dictionary.

We open with a report from Susan on the current situation which can be summed up as Vorlons Amuck! They have used their planet killer on two more systems. People are being told to stay put as the jump gates are crowded with refugees and aid workers. Refugees are being directed to nearby systems.

A person falls in the milling crowd, and might have been trampled, except a hand reaches down to help her up. The crowd parts in front of John Sheridan, closely followed by the alien Lorien. John leave the woman with Zack. She asks, ‘They say he came back from the dead. Is it true? Did he?’ Zack looks extremely uncomfortable and says he doesn’t know what is true anymore.

Lorien and John walk on, with this exchange:

‘You heard?’

‘I heard.’

‘They need to believe.’

‘Not in me.’

‘You can’t save them all.’

‘I can try.’

‘You will fail.’

‘We’ll see.’

I still get shivers at this exchange. I think this is the moment I was sure this was not the John Sheridan who went to Z’ha’dum. And that I really liked this new incarnation.

Garibaldi sits in his quarters, obsessively watching the scene in the Zocalo where Sheridan helped the woman who fell in the crowd. Zack enters with good news! Garibaldi can go back to work. Except he is working—watching Security footage. Watching Lorien.

Zack presses and Garibaldi explodes. Why is everyone so worried about him but not about Sheridan? Good question, Mr. Garibaldi! And why isn’t the Captain talking to him? They had been on the way to being buddies and now? Not two words since they both got back. Garibaldi has always worked more on personal loyalty than devotion to an organization or to a cause. He was finding his footage with Sheridan after losing his compass in Sinclair. Now he is lost again.

In any case, Zack tells him he’s cleared for duty, after one last visit to the doc.

Centauri Prime: Cartagia is taking a late night walk in the garden. Londo arrives and Cartagia asks him to look at the sky. What does he see? The stars and nothing more.


Enter Mr. Morden! A very damaged Mr. Morden who tells them about the Vorlons, who have gone mad, attacking any planet associated with Mr. Morden’s ‘associates’. He instructs Londo to put a protective ring of ships around the planet. The Vorlons won’t DARE to hit a world as big as Centauri Prime. Londo argues for caution in case Morden is wrong; Cartagia is not a cautious guy and says no.

After Morden leaves we hear Cartagia has a cunning plan. But first Cartagia takes Londo to see his other playroom, not the torture one, but the one with his little friends--his ‘Shadow Cabinet’. Cartagia tells Londo that he will let the Vorlons destroy Centauri Prime to make an pyre for his ascension to godhood. ‘Let it burn, Mollari. Let it all end in fire.’

This is, of course, exactly what Londo told Morden after Adira’s death. ‘Let it burn. Let it all burn.’ He was of course referring to Narn and the rest of the Universe, not his own home world. And it was Londo that brought Centauri Prime into the Shadows’ orbit in the first place.

Cartagia is the mirror of Sheridan in this episode. Sheridan died and is being elevated by the people; Cartagia wants to let his people die to elevate himself. Does intent matter when it comes to this kind of thing?

He is mad, you know. Quite mad.

Stephen is playing with Garibaldi. He has a new toy which looks for signs of Shadow implants at the back of the neck. Garibaldi has a flashback when Stephen removes his medical gloves. All is not well with Mr. Garibaldi. After he leaves MedLab, Sheridan comes in looking for results of his own tests. Susan is back on the monitor. One of the safe havens is not answering hails so it may have been attacked by the Vorlons. Three more refugee areas have been lost.

Susan’s announcements, with the impression of mounting dread, are threaded throughout all the different scenes in this episode. It is quite effective.

John is now listening to Susan on the monitor, in his quarters. He is wearing a quite fetching lightweight black V-neck sweater.


Delenn enters. John remarks that he has never heard fear in Ivanova’s voice before. Delenn is staring at the ceiling, obviously gearing up for something.

The Big Apology Scene

Really I can’t do this scene justice. Delenn was so, so wrong and she's so, so sorry. I will just say that this is yet another case of kissus interruptus, actually more kissus avoidus, and it is almost painful by now. Hang in there, guys. It gets better.

I am fascinated by the framed pictures on the wall behind John. They look like framed cartoons. Does anyone have any idea what they are?

The War Council is meeting. Things aren’t looking good, and they aren’t likely to be getting better. Garibaldi is his usual whingy self. Stephen is making suggestions. Sheridan approaches quietly and approves Stephen’s idea of moving some people down to Epsilon 3. But mainly he wants to focus on the new Vorlon ambassador. He is there, watching, reporting, spying…the Vorlons are now another enemy. He needs to go but how? They can’t do what is needed to stop the Vorlon attacks until Ulkesh is G.O.N.E. gone.

Garibaldi asks what they will be doing to stop the attacks, and Sheridan won’t spill. Garibaldi asks if Sheridan trusts him or not. Sheridan says he has been keeping him out of strategy sessions cause the Vorlon might read his mind. Really, John? Really? Garibalid leaves in a snit, a pretty righteous snit actually, since he’s being asked to put his ass on the line.  Understanding is not required, Mr. Garibaldi, only obedience. Is John getting a little bit more Minbari or is this his EarthForce ‘That’s an order’ training? In the back door comes Lorien and Lyta. This would be the other part of the plan, coming into play after Garibaldi pokes the Vorlon. Lorien warns Sheridan this won’t be easy.

‘We’re going to take out the Vorlon. Any way we can.’ This really needs Clint Eastwood spaghetti western music in the background.

We see the Vorlon. He already looks enraged.

Susan’s back on the monitor. Another outpost has fallen.

Security is headed to the Vorlon. They are all wearing protective gear and masks. They ask nicely. Then they ask not nicely. The Vorlon says ‘No’ and attacks. He has a forcefield and uses sonic warfare to blast their ears and their facemasks. Security leaves in a rout.

Sheridan is prepping for his part in the play when a message comes in from Londo. He wants information on the Vorlon attacks. How long until they reach Centauri Prime? Seven days, eight tops. He asks if Sheridan has a plan. He does but it’s not yet in place.

Londo remarks that he owes Sheridan a favor. This will come up later J

Lyta enters Ulkesh’s space. She tells the Vorlon there is still a piece of Kosh on board the station, carried by an icky human. The Vorlon is really pissed off by this news. Lyta’s gills are really effective, both weird and well-done in this scene. She tells him she can’t pry Kosh out but he can. And then he can take him home when this is all over.

So the Vorlon comes out of his safe space to follow Lyta, who puts on a mask and takes it off—is this camouflage or is the hallway worse than Ulkesh’s quarters? Lyta is nervous and Ulkesh knows it. She tries to pass it off as worry about Kosh. He wants to know what she is hiding and probes her…


Lyta takes off and high voltage is pumped at the Vorlon. Security guards attack with PPG rifles, adding to the attack. And Delenn shows up for some bizarre reason to watch. The Vorlon’s shell is breeched and out comes the Light Squid! Shrieking like a higher pitched Shadow! The attack continues. One guard is down, then another. Delenn goes in to help a fallen guard. The Vorlon ship is trying to break out of Bay 13! It’s like it’s alive! Which it is! We KNOW that already! The Vorlon focuses on Delenn, gearing up for a big blast. Sheridan runs in front of her, and the energy arms surround him. The Vorlon ship leaves the docking bay. Lorien comes up behind Delenn and says ‘Now’. The piece of Kosh leaves Sheridan and engages Ulkesh. Delenn recognizes him. Lorien says it is the last of Kosh, and some of him (John) and some of me. The Vorlons emerge from the station in a blaze of mixed light, converge on the escaping Vorlon ship, and it explodes.

John has fallen. Delenn goes to him. Lorien intervenes, telling her John’s life force needs replenished.

He uses the Glowing Hand of Healing. Delenn is suspicious.

‘Is this how you brought him back from Z’ha’dum?’

‘I give of myself to replenish him. For a little while.’

A pause that lasts approximately a thousand years.

‘How long?’

‘Long enough.’

Something's wrong and Delenn know's it.

Centauri Prime: Londo is agitated. He has summoned Cartagia. He spins a huge tale aimed at getting Cartagia off of Centauri Prime and G’Kar back to Narn. Cartagia takes the bait and bites it clean off the hook.

Garibaldi and Ivanova are observing the assembly of the Biggest Fleet Ever, getting ready to go and end the Shadow and Vorlon threat. Garibaldi wants to know what happens if they win? If they lose, no problem, rocks fall, everyone dies--but what do they do after a win? Another good question from Mr. Garibaldi! And one that will haunt him for a while.

Delenn joins John and Lorien in John’s quarters. Lorien explains what happened to John at Z’ha’dum. The 20 year deadline for John’s life is laid out for her.

I can never decide whether I want to blast John for not wanting to tell her at all, or blast him for having Lorien drop the bomb. Either way Delenn says little except with those extraordinary eyes.

'It is not okay with me.' *sob*

John asks Lorien to leave the room (FINALLY) and drops a second bomb. After hunting all over for the ring, he unloads the most awkward proposal in the history of proposals which never actually includes a proposal.

It’s sweet and awkward and almost funny cause she has no idea why he’s handing her a box or a round piece of metal with a shiny mineral attached. But at least we end with a corker of a kiss!

Centauri Prime: Cartagia doesn’t like the way G’Kar is looking at him. So he has his guards pluck out one of the Narn’s eyes.

Okay then. One of the best of the spine-chilling endings. Better even than the end of The Summoning!


Cartagia—oddly compelling or way over the top?

Lorien—oddly compelling or way over the top?

The proposal---oddly compelling or way over the top?


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