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Recap and discussion for 4 x 5 – The Long Night

Captain's Personal Log. We're almost ready to strike. The next few days will either mark the beginning of a new age…or the death of everything we've worked for.

And there you have it.

Ivanova reports the destruction of another planet by the Shadow planet killer. It would seem that the two are killing one another’s allies rather than one another.

Londo and a group of unnamed Centauri meet in a dark room. He tells them they must act hastily. One of the men points out that Londo is partly to blame but Vir reminds them that it is imperative to get the Shadow ships off of Centauri Prime before the Vorlon planet killer arrives. Londo stresses that will not happen as long as Cartagia is alive. Londo has lured him to the Narn homeworld to do this. He says that either Cartagia will die by the end of the day OR Centauri Prime will be destroyed.

John tells Susan he wants her, Marcus and Lorien to go out in search of the rest of the First Ones. She tells him she will not be left out of the battle. He assures her this will not happen. She tells the story of her mother sending her next door before she took her own life and says she won’t be left behind again, no matter what.

John tells her she has been a good friend and he is very proud of her.

The Centauri court is much like a circus and brings Nero to mind yet again. I think I read somewhere that Nero was actually the inspiration for Cartagia. The emperor tells Londo that he has decided that Londo may accompany him as he becomes a god, that they will leave the planet when the Vorlons come.

Londo slips out to check on G’kar. In a quote that sounds very biblical, G’kar says his eye is gone because it offended Cartagia. Londo says when he is brought out for his execution, his chains have been weakened and he is to break them, creating a diversion that will enable Londo to kill Cartagia. He reminds G’kar not to hurt the emperor or the Narn will suffer.

Vir comes to Londo with the poison pin in a case. He tells him it must be injected directly into Cartagia’s chest between his hearts.

G’kar is paraded in front of the locals in another rather biblical scene. Cartagia mentions that the chains were replaced since the ones he had looked weak. They read the list of crimes and sentence – death by vivisection. G’kar breaks his chains and when Londo tries to get the emperor to come away, he slaps Londo, knocking him down and knocking the pin away. When the emperor turns back, Vir stabs him with the poison and he falls dead as he tries to choke Vir.

Londo announces Cartagia’s death and says they should leave Narn forever. They actually have 3 days to get home and fix the Shadow problem. Londo is named Prime Minister.

John’s war staff is meeting. Lennier keeps trying to tell them all something but no one will shut up long enough. White Star 14 calls and tells them that the Shadow planet killer sends thousands of missiles into the center of a planet and then it blows up in a day or so…

John says he wonders where their next hit will be and Lennier finally tells them that the Vorlons are amassing in hyperspace near Coriana VI, a planet with about 6 billion people. They tell Captain Ericsson to stand by.

Londo comes for Vir, who is drunk. Londo tells him it had to be done. Vir says he just wanted a job, a small title and a wife who might love him - Londo says he’s been jealous of Vir’s innocence.

The Narn’s are celebrating. Londo says he will keep his promise to G’kar, he woes him that much.

Everyone is waiting for Sheridan. He tells them that the Vorlons are going to hit Coriana VI and they will launch a counteroffensive. Phase 1 will be 1/3 of fleet will slow down the Vorlon advance to tie up their resources. Then the entire fleet will meet outside the orbit of Coriana VI. Phase 2 is the search for the rest of the First Ones. Plus there is an invitation they must issue – to the Shadows. John says if they want Armageddon, let’s give it to them. He knows they have to trick the shadows to come.

Ericsson will be given a false report and the shadows will kill him and his crew to get this info that they assume is real. He is willing to sacrifice himself for the cause. (Bryan Cranston!)

Narn is still celebrating. G’kar walks into the throne room and the Narn want to attack the Centauri and name G’kar as king. He refuses. He says they need to rebuild instead. He laughs and leaves the throne room.

The Shadows take the bait. The attack on the Vorlons begins. John says he found a poem by Tennyson in his drawer, left by someone (Sinclair, we know).

Tho' much is taken, much abides; and tho'
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.


Londo: Great Maker! Your eye! Cartagia?
G’kar: My eye offended him. Doesn't matter. I can see things now that were invisible to me before. An empty eye sees through to an empty heart.
G'Lorn: We suffered and died during their occupation. Where were you? What have you endured?
G'Kar: What have I endured?


1. Did Vir surprise you? JMS says he surprised him. Did you shout at the TV?
2. Did it take you as long as it did our heroes to figure out that the Vorlons and Shadows were not willing to die themselves?
3. Will G’kar ever tell the Narn why they are really free of the Centauri?
4. Did you find yourself liking Londo again?


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