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Post any fanworks or links you have here.

Cynthia Torqueman (Played by Kim Zimmer, who I remember as Reva Shane on Guiding Light)

Trust the CORPS!
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Recap and discussion for 2 x 15 – And Now for a Word

36 Hours on Babylon 5
We see Babylon 5 from what can only be Earthgov’s POV. JMS gave the reporter the name Torqueman as a takeoff on Torquemada of the Spanish Inquisition. From the beginning, we see the condescending sarcasm of the reporter and her crew as they try their best to make B5 look as bad as they’re supposed to.

Cynthia Torqueman says the people of Earth are not happy with all the money spent on B5 and she says there is one thing for sure about B5: “Expect the unexpected."

On their approach to B5, they see a Narn ship blow up a Centauri one.

Once on the ship, the reporter tries to talk to Dr. Franklin and Sheridan who are too busy to have time and respond with “No comment.” She does speak with Mollari, who claims that the attack was unprovoked by Centauri while G’Kar says Mollari is lying.

Torqueman interviews the head of the dockworkers, Corwin, and several others who express their liking of B5. Sheridan calls it a New Frontier, Franklin talks about dangerous their work in space and tells a chilling story of a boy being accidentally spaced when he was young.

Our first commercial, we sex IPX, “exploring the past to create a better future.” Sure…

G’kar makes a formal statement that the Centauri ship was filled with Weapons of Mass Destruction and was using B5 as a transfer port for weapons from one ship to another. He says the Narn with shut the station down if the Centauri do not stop this.

Senator Quantrell from Earth asks how much time and money can be ‘wasted’ on B5… He does think that EarthForce is better equipped to fight a war now and B5 is not needed as much though it still has trade uses. Sheridan says Earth is not as ready as they think they are. There is also mention of the Office of Public Information and the Ministry for Public Morale – both instituted by Clark.

Torqueman interviews Ivanova as she directs a HAZMAT team to check out the Centauri wreckage for WMD evidence. The reporter mispronounces her name. Susan says she is Russian and joined the service after her brother was killed in the Earth/Minbari War.

She talk to Garibaldi, who says he is happy for little hopes - hoping for a quiet day, etc. Ivanova interrupts him, telling him they have a problem.

Torqueman tries to interview Kosh but he ignores her – she does get a camera shot of him though.

Delenn is next and she is not prepared for the questions – and comes off as evasive, I think. Torqueman is very accusatory and rude. They are all called to council by the news from the investigation of the Centauri ship.

The ship was carrying weapons, or weapons supplies, whatever that means. G’kar wants every Centauri ship at the station searched and Londo says they will defend themselves if an attempt is made. Just as Sheridan tries to speak, the lights dim as the Narn and Centauri begin firing on one another.

Klaxons are blaring and we hear the sounds of battle outside the station. The tv crew is allowed to use the station cams to show what is going on and we see some of the battle. Sheridan has given Earth ships the go ahead to fire on both Narn and Centauri to disable them and they do finally surrender.

Torqueman interviews both G’kar and Londo and we learn of the occupation of Narn for 100 years and about how his own father was executed, which inspired him to join the freedom fighters. Mollari says the Centauri brought civilization to the Narn, who were backward savages.

A jump point forms and a Centauri battle cruiser comes into B5 space. Mollari tells thw whole station that if the crews and ships are not released unsearched, the cruiser will blockade B5.

Then comes the commercial break from your friendly Psi corps! It’s a doozy! We see a boy who doesn’t fit in so his mom has him tested and he a teep… he goes to Psi Corps for training. Our friendly neighborhood Psi Cop tells us how much the Corps loves teeps and then we get the little subliminal message - "The Psi Corps is your friend. Trust the Corps."

The Centauri cruiser sits while Sheridan decides to force the Centauri into talking but threatening their ship if they make any aggressive actions and they agree to talk. BUT a Narn battle cruiser comes through and begins to fire on the Centauri ship. They destroy it and take heavy damage themselves before trying to jump and blowing up.

Torqueman does conclude that perhaps B5 should be given more time to realize its potential.

"There are humans for whom the words "never again" carry special meaning, as they do for us."
– G'Kar


1. Did you like Cynthia Torqueman?
2. Do you think Mollari or G’kar came off as more believable in the interviews?
3. How do you think you’d have felt, watching this show on Earth at the time?
4. Did Sheridan seem defensive? Did he have cause to be?
5. What did you think of the Psi Corps ad?


Lurkers Guide to Babylon 5: http://www.midwinter.com/lurk/countries/us/guide/037.html
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0517627/?ref_=ttep_ep15
The Babylon Project: http://babylon5.wikia.com/wiki/And_Now_For_a_Word
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/And_Now_for_a_Word
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Here you can post your fanworks about "And Now for a Word" - icons, fanart, fanfic, vids - or recommend fanworks made by others. You can also suggest fic-prompts.

(Remember to read the posting rules in the community profile!)

No spoilers are allowed in the the comments here (including in any possible fic prompts), but they are allowed in linked material (for example, you can link to a fic that's set during "And Now for a Word", but contains references to later storylines) as long as they're clearly marked.
ruuger: Londo from Babylon 5 and the text: "And now for something completely different - a Centauri with seven tentacles" (And now for something completely differe)
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This is the discussion post for the episode 2X15, "And Now for a Word". Spoilers for the whole of the series, including the spin-offs and tie-ins, are allowed here so newbies beware.

ISN Special Report about a regular day on Babylon 5.

Extra reading:
The article for "And Now for a Word" at Lurker's Guide.


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