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Name:A Babylon 5 Rewatch Community
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And so it begins...

The purpose of this community was to watch together the whole of Babylon 5, including its spin-offs, one episode per week from "The Gathering" to "Lost Tales". Once we have reach the end of the show, we will start reading through the spin-off materials.

Anonymous commenting is allowed so that people without Livejournal accounts can also participate.

To contact a mod, please leave a comment to this entry.

Babylon Rewatch – Beginning November 2, 2015

We will begin with The Gathering as single episode and then season one. I will do The Gathering and you may sign up to do something for any episode you wish. I think we will post one post for discussion and one for creative things: a fiction, picture, video, and/or recs to other works of any type that pertain to this episode. Have fun!

The Lurker’s Guide to B5: Episode list is a good source for information about each episode. If you do not have your own B5 set, it is available to rent at Netflix as discs, for purchase at $1.99 an episode at Amazon Prime streaming OR as low as $21.55 for the season on Disc. If you know other sources, please let us know here.

Season 3 Episodes

Babylon 5: Season Three – Point of No Return

10/17/2016 301 Matters of Honor
10/24/2016 302 Convictions
10/31/2016 303 A Day in the Strife
11/07/2015 304 Passing Through Gethsemane
11/14/2016 305 Voices of Authority
11/21/2016 306 Dust to Dust
11/28/2016 307 Exogenesis
12/05/2016 308 Messages from Earth
12/12/2016 309 Point of No Return
12/19/2016 310 Severed Dreams

We will take 12/26/2016 and 1/02/2017 off

1/09/2017 311 Ceremonies of Light and Dark
1/16/2017 312 Sic Transit Vir
1/23/2017 313 A Late Delivery from Avalon
1/30/2017 314 Ship of Tears
2/06/2017 315 Interludes and Examinations
2/13/2016 316 War Without End, Part One
2/20/2017 317 War Without End, Part Two
2/27/2017 318 Walkabout
3/06/2017 319 Grey 17 Is Missing
3/13/2017 320 And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place
3/20/2017 321 Shadow Dancing
3/27/2017 322 Z'ha'dum


  1. There are two different kinds of posts made to the community:
    • General discussion post - This post is meant for people who have already seen the whole show (or who are not worried about being spoiled). Discussion of future storylines, including the tie-in novels, is allowed here. Note that there will no longer be a weekly spoiler-free post as no-one was using it.
    • Fanworks post - This post is meant for linking to fanworks related to the episode. You can post links to your own fanfiction, icons, or other fanworks, or recommend other people's works. The posts can also have fanfiction prompts.
    Note that only the moderators have posting privileges, so while you can participate in discussion/make comments, you cannot make posts to the community.

  2. Try to avoid discussion of real world politics. The members of this community come from all over the political spectrum, so be considerate of other people's views.
  3. Please sign your comments if you're a non-Livejournal participant commenting anonymously.
  4. If you feel that a member is breaking the rules, or otherwise disrupting the community, do not engage them yourself and contact a mod instead.


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