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Mar. 13th, 2017

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Recap and discussion of 3 x 20 – And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place

Z minus 14 days
The episode begins with Ivanova talking about Sheridan hardly ever leaving the War Room whiel we seem Garibaldi assigning telepaths to ships. She says Franklin is still on Walkabout. She says Brother Theo is a stabilizing influence (and an irritant) as well as G’kar. G’kar wants to send a Narn guard with every telepath.

Londo tells Vir that G’kar must be dealt with sooner rather than later. Vir says they have more concerns than G’kar. Londo says he wants to draw G’kar to Narn to have him arrested and Vir is going to help him.

Ivanova and Brother Theo wait for some passengers: Reverend William Dexter, a Rabbi, a Buddhist monk and a Muslim cleric. Theo and Rev. Dexter trade barbs, though not unfriendly ones.

Lord Refa and the Centauri Minister Virini also come aboard to see Londo.

John is in the War Room and he tells Delenn that he can’t figure out what the Shadows are doing: The hit randomly yet they are organized and successful. Delenn tells him that he is crotchety, grouchy, etc. and he needs some rest – she has agreed to have dinner with the ministers in 2 standard hours!

Vir tells Londo that Refa and the Minister have arrived. Londo tells Vir he must go and tell G’kar where Na’toth is being held – there will be a trap for him there. He is to be told that she is being held in a cell under the building that housed the Kha’Ri. Mollari’s guards will be waiting. Vir refuses but Londo threatens his family.

Virinio tells Refa that their feuding must end as it is affecting the Emperor. Londo walks in

Vir goes to G’kar’s quarters.

Virini tells Londo the same thing he told Refa, that the feuding must end. Londo assures him that he will prove his loyalty by deed soon.

John and Delenn are having dinner with the ministers and they tell them how earth really does have a resistance and they all have info on data crystals that they smuggled out in Rev. Dexter’s bible.

G’kar tells Garibaldi that he needs to be smuggled to Narn ASAP – now!

Vir is taken by a group of Centauri.

Dexter wants to have a revival meeting before he goes.

Vir is brought before Refa, who forces info from him on G’kar with a telepath. He leaves him locked up.

Dexter advises John to let his friends and/or she (Delenn) closer to him instead of pushing them away. After being a bit rude, he realizes Dexter is right.

Z minus 13 days
G’kar arrives home… the world is dusty and cold from the bombs. G’Dan tells him what he wants to do is risky. He agrees but they have to do it.

Refa is on the Narn homeworld as well, telling Drigo how nice the building looks as a replica of the Emperor’s palace on Centauri prime. Refa asks for 7 guards to accompany h8im on a mission.

Sheridan and Delenn are in the War room, looking over Shadow attacks when they realize what the Shadows are doing - leaving one area alone so many refuges and such will go there for safety THEN they think the Shadows will attack for maximum effect. When John mentions that he must think like the enemy, Delenn drags him away.

G’kar leads a group of Narns under the Kha’Ri building.

Londo knocks out the guard and frees Vir, who tells him Refa knows all.

Refa and the guards are waiting for G’kar.

At the revival meeting, Rev. Dexter says fear, ignorance and the one who tells you to hate that which is different.

Refa tells the guards to attack G’kar. They do nothing. A hologram of Londo appears and Londo tells Refa that the guards are loyal to House Mollari and he tells Refa that he killed what was most dear to him and he killed huis friend PM Malachi, and that he threatened Londo’s position and weakened the defenses of the Centauri people.

Rev Dexter asks all to rise.

Londo: G’kar has documents that implicate Refa in colluding with the Narn, which he will place in Refa’s clothes to be found after he is killed.

The congregation begins to sing No Hiding Place Down here as Refa runs for his life. They catch him and we see G’kar walk away as they are beating him.

Londo gives the data crystal found on Refa to Minister Virini. It proves Refa was a traitor. Virini says he will report this to the emperor.

Vir is angry at being used but Londo seems to think it no big deal.

John and Delenn are aboard the White Star in space and Delenn tells him she has a surprise, something that will make them more able to fight the Shadows. They come out of hyperspace to a whole fleet of White Stars. John is speechless.

They kiss.

Z minus 10 days



Reverend Dexter: Every day, here and at home, we are warned about the enemy. But who is the enemy? Is it the alien? Well, we are all alien to one another. Is it the one who believes differently than we do? No, oh no, my friends. The enemy is fear. The enemy is ignorance. The enemy is the one who tells you that you must hate that which is different. Because, in the end, that hate will turn on you. And that same hate will destroy you.

Garibaldi: This isn’t going to be easy.
G’Kar: Nothing worthwhile ever is.



1. Do you think that G’kar knew the whole plan the whole time OR did he go simply to rescue Na’toth and then find out the plan?
2. Did you find the juxtaposition of the song and Lord Refa’s fate jarring? Ironic? Even darkly humorous? Just? Tell me.
3. I have to say, in many ways, the joke is still on Londo, since Refa didn’t kill Adira. What do you think? Did Londo’s plot make you like him more or less.
4. The kiss???
5. What did you think of the clergymen spies?

EDIT: Bonus: When Dexter tells John 'she' loves you, are you sure he meant Delenn? I have come to believe, over many watchings, that he could have meant Susan Ivanova. Discuss.


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