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Jun. 19th, 2017

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 S4, Episode 11:  Lines of Communication

I apologize for the lack of pictorial content; it has been quite a busy time at Chez vjs2259. This episode sets up the Minbari Civil War to come, gives Stephen a chance to mix business with pleasure, gives us a new villain of which there is more to come, and highlights two Awesome Ladies neither of which is named Ivanova! Also some nice Lennier moments, a bit of John/Delenn goodness, and some nice space battles.

Usually my main memory of this episode is the godawful representation of the Drakh, but there was So Much More!!


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What is up with the Warrior caste? I mean, really, guys. Find another hobby.

I feel the two upcoming civil wars should have been longer, lasting perhaps a season, going back and forth between events on Minbar and events on the station, Mars, and Earth. With loads of angsty sad panda messages between John and Delenn. Oh wait. Did I say that out loud?

Lennier is such a devoted subordinate. I used to side-eye Delenn pretty hard for just accepting his devotion without really seeing him. Maybe she should have been the one to 'look up'. 

Do you agree that Susan oozes sincerity, and is the right person to be the Voice of the Resistance? What is it with Sheridan's WWII fetish? Also, could anyone NOT notice Susan's pj's??


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